i feel like the only 18 year old in the world who

- still gets really uncomfortable with darkness (like alej can be with me but if its pitch black i get really nervous)

- needs to sleep with a light source and sound (the tv needs to be on a familiar channel with the volume low but loud enough for me to hear it and i need at least a night light; if theres no tv i need a light sound like a fan or a/c)

- feels incredibly uncomfortable and vulnerable (to what, ghosts??? aliens?? idk im stupid) if im the only person still awake or trying to fall asleep in the house (alej stays up until i fall asleep)

thank god alej is so nice and deals with all of these things while we’re sharing a room here in puerto rico or else i’d die smh






John Lennon, in Ascot (July, 1971)
Photographer: Michael Putland